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About Bee Future Aviators


Our Background

Currently Airlines and Corporate entities are focusing on the later stages of education to capture new recruits and inspire them with a passion in aviation, at Bee Future Aviators we believe it has to start earlier than that.

Aviation should be an achievable dream for the young generation and we view it as our responsibility at Bee Future Aviators to provide role models and make aviation an easy and accessible career path to a wider range of young people.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to encourage younger generation world wide in becoming the future of Aviation.

our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is embedding a seed of passion in Aviation into younger generation at an early stage, moreover, facilitating career progression by providing them with the real flying experience, career guidance and various Aviation-related activities.


Our Core Structure

Our nonprofit organization is the focal point in a network dealing with potential future Aviators , Educational organizations, Training entities along with passionate Airlines and corporates who will share the social responsibility , which in return counteracts the looming staffing issue in the global Aviation.


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